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Body Meditation 1/24

Past the covers on the magazines Beyond the models on TV Beneath the surface skin of cosmetic counters I find myself Plain, simple Girl next door Not so glamorous No shiny make-up, no hair stylist But past the high heels And beyond the short skirts And beneath the face of the mirror I find myself […]

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Body Meditation 1/18

I don’t believe I’m asking too much from you From myself I don’t believe I want something you don’t Ease, flow, gentle movements Like a mermaid Playing in the ocean of our joy And floating in the pools of our contentment You can feel it too, I know you can   I want to see […]

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Body Meditation 1/17

Dancing with you In the darkness of my hope In the cold, hard nooks Of my bones And my being Moments of remembering How things used to be How easy it used to be To walk with you To sit with you quietly in the sun To run through the woods Jump the streams, and […]

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Body Meditation 1/13

When I look at her I see a sparkle all around her face And a smile that tells me she’s happy to see me I see eyes that welcome me in And arms willing to hold me tenderly I see her dreams and joys I witness her sorrows and fears I am comforted by her […]

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Body Meditation 1/12

What do you want to tell me today? What do I need to know? How many times you’ve tried To get my attention, to ask for me to pay attention How many ways I’ve managed To forget to notice, to fail to notice What is it that you would like for me to do For […]

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Body Meditation 1/11

How does food become the fuel for my body? From the plate to a fork From the fork to my lips And suddenly a magical series of events is set off Sensors on my tongue Transform my food into pleasure Tastes that please and tease my brain While secretly they also tell my mouth to […]

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Body Meditation 1/5

Two fragile chambers in my center Protected by an outer cage Ribs and muscle Working every second To expand and contract Breathe Breath Inhaling, exhaling, in, out When did I learn How to do this thing? This thing without which I would cease to be The air in which I move Is alive Humid, heavy […]

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Body Meditation 1/4

The eye I see in the mirror is but a storefront To a magical looking glass A fantastic living telescope Powerful, yet fragile Opening and closing, dilating As needed Light playing off every surface Images reversed to look inside Myself, inside you Peering from within to the outer world Allowing me to find my way […]

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Body Meditation 1/3

As the sun rotates below the horizon And ushers in the night My dreams allow me to see you differently Neon electrical flashes From neuron to neuron Green, blue, yellow, red Leaping the distances between Long alien tails and arms Linking outward creating a web Mysterious signals bolt out Traveling down the cords One after […]

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