Body Meditation 1/12

What do you want to tell me today?

What do I need to know?

How many times you’ve tried

To get my attention, to ask for me to pay attention

How many ways I’ve managed

To forget to notice, to fail to notice

What is it that you would like for me to do

For you?

For us?

I want to be a good steward for us

I want to take care of you

I want to listen when you sing

And come to you when you call

I want to build a way for us to

Live happily, gently, gracefully

I know how you want that, too

I know you are waiting for me

To join you in this dance

Please don’t give up on me

I can do this, I can pay attention and notice

I can build a way for us

I will dance with you

As long as you’ll have me

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