Body Meditation 1/13

When I look at her

I see a sparkle all around her face

And a smile that tells me she’s happy to see me

I see eyes that welcome me in

And arms willing to hold me tenderly

I see her dreams and joys

I witness her sorrows and fears

I am comforted by her voice

And tickled by her laugh

She inspires me, challenges me, teases me and

Moves me

To be more of myself


When I look at her

I don’t wonder if her butt looks good in that outfit

Or if her thighs move when she walks

I don’t contemplate the best way for her to look sexy

On her back, or on her side?

I don’t ask myself if she has cellulite on her butt

Or if her back has rolls of extra skin

Or if she’s lost a few pounds, or if she’s gained a few pounds

Or if she’s got flabby arms or chubby knees


When I look at her I love her

Simple and pure

Fiercely protective and proudly supportive

I love her

I love her

I love her

She is my friend, my mother, my auntie, my soul sister

She is my mentor, my teacher, my counsel, my guide

She is my grandmother and my child, my pal and my companion

She is my partner, my playmate, my lover

I love her

I love her

I love her


I don’t look at her in judgment

I don’t weigh her worth in pounds

I don’t measure her power in inches

And so I sit here and wonder


Why do I do that to myself?

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