Body Meditation 1/18

I don’t believe I’m asking too much from you

From myself

I don’t believe I want something you don’t

Ease, flow, gentle movements

Like a mermaid

Playing in the ocean of our joy

And floating in the pools of our contentment

You can feel it too,

I know you can


I want to see your strength again

To feel you hold me up

Hold me

Muscles and sweat, the sweet burn of working

Let’s climb again

Powerfully exploring every curve of the earth

Curiosity and will carrying us

To places we capture in our imagination


Now go on

Release the energy of this lifetime

Run faster than you’ve ever run

Leap higher and farther than before

Lift us carefree and confidently

Into the stars

To kiss the galaxies


Then come back to my center

And draw into the long stretch of breath

Sink into the power

Of feeling your body

The meeting place between below and above

Notice, just notice

The beat of your heart

The feel of your skin

The love of my caress

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