Body Meditation 1/24

Past the covers on the magazines

Beyond the models on TV

Beneath the surface skin of cosmetic counters

I find myself

Plain, simple

Girl next door

Not so glamorous

No shiny make-up, no hair stylist

But past the high heels

And beyond the short skirts

And beneath the face of the mirror

I find myself

Gentle, genuine

Smiling as they pass on the street

I’m not air brushed or cropped

There are no designer clothes in my closet

Or latest phone at my ear

But at the center of me

There is a light

A glowing radiance of all that is

A knowing,

Compassionate grace and honor

Beauty beyond comparing

Nothing to prove

No need to compete

I walk with the goddess

In trust and in love

One Response to Body Meditation 1/24

  1. Albert Kaufman January 24, 2013 at 5:38 pm #

    mmm, lovely.

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