Body Meditation 1/3

As the sun rotates below the horizon

And ushers in the night

My dreams allow me to see you differently

Neon electrical flashes

From neuron to neuron

Green, blue, yellow, red

Leaping the distances between

Long alien tails and arms

Linking outward creating a web

Mysterious signals bolt out

Traveling down the cords

One after another

Chasing each other

Faster than any eye could see

Coded messages sending

Instructions to every organ

Every gland, every cell

Like music with hidden notes

To act, rest, create, modify

Regenerate, expunge, fuel, produce

A million orders passing

Faster than a master chef’s cook line

Hunger, contentment, exhaustion

Fear, joy

Power, pleasure, and pain

Every actor in the script

Vital, imperative

Critical for the survival of all

A fantastic, whirling dance

Of energy

Of matter

Of spirit

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