“Thank you for teaching me how to stop fighting my body and start honoring it.”
W.L., coaching client


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Coaching Descriptions

Thank you for having the courage to explore social-sexual coaching sessions.

I offer coaching to help people live more fully with integrity and passion.  You can read more here about how coaching differs from counseling, how I see my role, and what I believe about our work together.


Coaching Rates and Details

Coaching sessions are $110 per hour. I offer a special package rate, and I’m willing to negotiate arrangements for clients who are experiencing financial hardship.

My Package rate is: 5 hours for $450 (a $550 value)

Because your first session will be a chance to get to know each other and fully decide whether we can or should work together, I offer a 90 minute session for $110 (a $150 value).

Speaker, photography, and training fees vary. Please contact Shanya for more details.


Coaching Inquiry Form

Please send me an email using the form below to ask any questions you have about my coaching services.

If you would like to schedule an introductory session, please click here: Schedule Now

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Coaching Resources

Coaching resources are coming soon.  Please check back regularly.


Coaching FAQ

Who uses your services?
How do I know if your services are right for me?
Do you have any specialties?
What do we do during our sessions?
How much do sessions cost?
How do I set up my first session?
What are your office hours?
Where is your office located?


Q: Who uses your coaching services?

A: I work with diverse clients from all walks of life. I coach computer programmers, film makers, tantrikas, CFO’s, ministers, energy healers, teachers, doctors, parents, massage therapists, warehouse managers, members of the sex industry, and more!

Rather than treating mental illness or examining someone’s past, my work is geared toward helping individuals set and realize their goals regarding relationships, sexuality, intimacy, body image, gender identity and much more. I assists people in discerning their goals, mapping out the steps to achieving them, navigating pitfalls along the way, and learning from mistakes and past behavior patterns.

We will discover and build on your strengths and skills, not dwell on your challenges and limitations!

Q: How do I know if your coaching services are right for me?

A: My clients seek to live in new relationship to their sexuality, gender identity, body image, and intimacy. You should contact me if…

…you are ready to experience more love, connection, trust and self-acceptance.
…something is getting in the way of your sex life or intimacy with others.
…you want to shed old beliefs, undo oppressive programming, discard shame, or heal past resentments and traumas.
… you are interested in exploring alternative relationship styles (or ethical non-monogamy).

Q: Do you have any specialties?

A: I have worked with a diverse clientele on many different aspects of sexuality and relationships; however, I am particularly well trained and suited to support you if:

  • You want more skills in offering and receiving conscious touch
  • You want to learn how to develop more intimacy in your life
  • You are exploring open and inclusive relationship models (ie: poly, swinging, etc.)
  • You if you are expanding your sexual expressions (ie: tantra, kink, play parties, etc.)
  • You if you want support in an LGBT or Queer relationship or community
  • You if you are coping with sexual trauma and/or domestic abuse & violence
  • You if you want to end a relationship lovingly and respectfully

Q: What do we do during our sessions?

A: While coaching often looks and feels like traditional “talk therapy”, I offer a wide selection of modalities to help you achieve your goals and realize your dreams. In your sessions together I can incorporate any of the following techniques you wish:

Dance, Art, Sound and other Somatic Therapies
Therapeutic Photography
Spiritual Discovery
Energy Healing, Breath work, Intuitive Testing
Chakra Balancing, Soul Retrieval, and Dream Work

Q: How much do sessions cost?

A: My coaching rates are listed above on this page.

Q: How do I set up my first session?

A: Simply click the link here to schedule your first appointment offered at an introductory rate! Schedule Now

Q: What are your office hours?

A: My office hours are Monday – Thursday 9am to 6pm, and some evenings by arrangement.

Q: Where is your office located?

A: My office is in the North Pacific Plaza Building [1675 SW Marlow Ave. / Portland, Oregon] – conveniently located just two blocks from the Sunset Transit Center, near the junction of Hwy 26 and Hwy 217. Visit the contact page for the address and map.

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