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“We cannot afford to lose your services.  They are invaluable.”
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Social Sexual Support

Shanya Luther is Provider #767222 and OIS Instructor #051607


Behavior Support Descriptions

Among Friends offers Professional Behavior Services for the State of Oregon specializing in addressing behaviors of concern related to healthy relationships, sexual development, gender identity, and body issues.

These services are provided for individuals with developmental disabilities and neurological variations (ie: Autism, Down Syndrome, Traumatic Brain Injuries).

Among Friends offers the following types of social-sexual support services:

Behavior Consultation and Positive Behavior Support Services

Shanya Luther is an authorized Behavior Consultant in the State of Oregon (Provider #767222).  As a Behavior Consultant, she can create a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) and a Positive Behavior Support Plan (PBSP).   She supports clients referred from Brokerages, County Developmental Disability Programs, and Foster Care Homes.

This work is designed to help families, individuals and communities address unhealthy, unsafe, illegal, and inappropriate behaviors.


When you need someone to help advocate for your loved one in their school, workplace, or other environment where accommodations might be needed or special considerations need to be made.


Trainings are designed to increase awareness about social-sexual issues for those who serve the ASD and DD populations. Examples include: brokerage staff, service coordinators, foster care providers, care takers, families, special education teachers, etc.  Common topics include: proactive behavior supports, talking about sex and sexuality, puberty vs. adolescence, supporting sexual and gender minorities with I/DD.

OIS Trainings

OIS is an intensive training/certification program for understanding challenging behaviors and the process for implementing Positive Behavior Support and safe intervention when addressing challenging behaviors.  Among Friends offers a two day OIS-G class focused on supports for adults and children with intellectual or developmental disabilities in the home or community ideal for: Foster Care Providers, Personal Agents and Service Coordinators, and Providers, who wants to understand challenging behaviors and how to deescalate a crisis.


Behavior Support Rates and Details

For Brokerage and County DD Program clients Social-Sexual Behavior Supports are $80.00/hour.  (If the client/customer is located in one of the “rural zones” designated by the State the rate is $100.00/hour)

Families or individuals can also pay privately if Behavior Support funds are not available.


Behavior Support Request Form

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Behavior Support Resources

We will be adding behavior support resources soon.  Please check back regularly!


Behavior Support FAQ

What are behavior support services?
Who do you work with?
How do I set up a contract?
Where is your office located?


Q: What are behavior support services?

A: Behavior support services are designed to help people change unproductive, unwanted, or “challenging” behaviors and address the underlying issues; AND to help people learn new productive, desired behaviors and skills.

At Among Friends, we focus on supporting people to change unhealthy, unsafe, illegal, and inappropriate behaviors. We also offer skills training and comprehensive sexuality education.

Q: Who do you work with?

A: Among Friends has worked with:

  • People with developmental /neurological variations (the “client”)
  • The client’s family members and caregivers
  • The client’s support and program staff
  • The client’s educators, ministers, doctors, and community members
  • Oregon State Brokerages
  • Oregon Foster Care Providers and Group Home Staff
  • Oregon County Developmental Disability Programs
  • Oregon Regional Crisis Diversion Offices
  • Social and Public Service Agencies

Q: How do I set up a contract?

A: If you are a Brokerage or County DD Program client, you will need to contact your personal agent or service coordinator to ask them to set up a contract.  (if you are intending to pay privately, you can contact us via email at


Q: Where is the Among Friends’ office located?

A: For Behavior Services we meet people in their homes or in the community; or at their case manager’s office for team meetings.

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