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    Innovative and advanced trainings on relationships, sexuality, and gender - utilizing recent developments in neurobiology, attachment, and trauma informed care.

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    Among Friends is conveniently located near the sunset transit center with easy access to Hwy 26 and Hwy 217.

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Shanya Luther is a social-sexual ecologist and the founder / director of Among Friends.  Her work is heavily influenced by recent discoveries in neurobiology, developments in attachment theory, and the emerging understanding of trauma informed care.

Shanya is a speaker and trainer.  Her specialties are relationships, sexuality, gender identity, and body image and she teaches embodied consent practices and emotional intelligence.  You can learn more about what she offers under the “Services” menu.


“Each of us deserves to experience ecstatic pleasure, infectious joy, and vibrant relationships.  We can utilize a combination of science, behavioral studies, intuition, cognitive therapy, and somatic practices to help us achieve the quality of life we’re aching for.”

-Shanya Luther, founder and director of Among Friends


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